Foodie Findings: Sei Bar

I’ve only been here twice and have to say I’m really pleased with it–although it is on the pricey side. I went in the other day expecting it to still be rather small, boring and cheap-looking, but found it totally made over with a quality menu, clean booths and tables and room to move around. We were both really pleased with the change.

The waitress was super nice, even pointing out which rolls were which when she brought our sushi over–not that she had to in this case, but I NEVER get told what rolls are what and am often left guessing since I like to try new things. One B-52 got me slightly buzzed, making me a fan of the bartender. I’ll have to try some of the non-sushi dishes next time I go. I’m thinking this will be my go-to Asian restaurant in the area.


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