Foodie Findings: The Druid

It’s a tiny little Irish pub with a fantastic beer selection. The bartender is our waiter and he’s got a fantastic Irish accent, together with his buddies that are drinking and watching soccer at the end of the bar. He was sweet and totally concerned about my friend’s foot, which she’d injured and was in a boot.

I ordered the burger, and have to admit to being a little disappointed in it. I will commend them on packing the patty full of herbs, which made for a great flavor, but the the outside was so charred it was pretty much all I could taste despite copious amounts of ketchup The charring also dried out the meat, which was unfortunate.. The fries however were fantastic. My friend’s fish & chips looked great, and was delivered to the table wrapped in newspaper, although it looked rushed and like only a token effort.

I can forgive an overcooked burger though, and would like to come here again to try their brunch, and am also interested in trying their beef stew.


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