The Weekly Update

To say it’s been a long week is an understatement. We went to Jersey this weekend, and although I love userinfowtbrosie‘s niece and nephews, getting woken up before 9 on a Sunday by three bouncing children (after going to be at like, 1) was a little less than ideal. Ah well.

userinfowtbrosie has also been sick–two weeks of fever and decreasing appetite. She spent most of Tuesday in the ER, then all of Wednesday night there. They were of absolutely no help, although last night she finally ate something and kept it down, and it seems that her fever is finally starting to go away. I certainly hope this is the case, and that her working today doesn’t make her relapse.

Girl Scouts is slowly killing me. I love my girls, but being in a troop with a dozen leaders is not conducive to a good working environment. I’m contemplating leaving the troop next year and only volunteering with the Service Unit. Not just because of troop politics, but also because, if I am going to be in grad school next year, I’m going to have a lot less time or brainpower available. It’s the sensible thing to do, but I feel a huge amount of guilt about it.

Finally, I officially only have one car payment!! At userinfowtbrosie‘s suggestion, I used my tax refund to pay off the Cobalt. It’s so nice to look at my online banking page and see one less open account. Plus, it puts $250 back into my pocket that I am going to use to pay down my other debts. In a month and a half I’m going to finally own my laptop!


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