The Logic of it All

So, Friday Ellie went BACK to the ER, this time for some doctor-recommended tests that could only be done in the hospital. My fears were confirmed, she once again has viral meningitis. If the stupid ER doctors had only paid attention to her symptoms and history, this would have all been figured out much sooner. Anyway, she didn’t get admitted, which I am incredibly thankful for. But she is still sick, and will be pursuing more testing and monitoring through her PCP and a specialist or two. We’ll see what happens.

All this driving back and forth has made me do some serious thinking (1.5-2 hours in a car gives you plenty of time). I’m spending almost $700 a month on rent and utilities at my current apartment, and I’m only there about one weekend a month, and probably spent a total of a week there during all of February. I’m not sure how much more my mental and physical health can take of commuting from work to my place to Ellie’s (some nights I’ve gone down unexpectedly, so had to get clothes from home because I was out of clothes at her place). We discussed it over the long weekend (yay snowday yesterday!), and decided that the most logical thing to do at this stage of the game is to move in with her. This way I’m available when/if she has a recurrence or flare-up, and I’m saving money and my sanity.

We’re not rushing any of this–I’m paid through the end of March, we need to do some organizing at her place to fit what I’ll need until we can get an apartment together, finding a subletter isn’t terribly easy, and I want to take my time moving the rest of my stuff to my dad’s and/or storage. I’m also not going to leave my roommates with just the first person to come along–I want to make sure the person taking my place is respectful and trustworthy. Plus, this is a HUGE step to be making, I don’t want to be too hasty or rash. But it does seem like the most logical course of action.



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3 responses to “The Logic of it All

  1. mizdarkgirl

    What will this do to your commute? And school?
    But I lurve lurve lurve you & your girl together!

  2. eternalhearts

    It’ll be a long commute, but the savings will be worth it. As for school, the plan was to get a place closer to Boston in Aug/Sept anyway–now we’ll be able to do it sooner.

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