Shaking Things Up

About a month ago I had a med change–from Lexapro to Prozac, which I have been on a couple times in the past. Things were just getting really blah for me, so my med-therapist suggested changing things up since it’s been such a long time I’ve been on the Lexapro. It seems to be doing the job. Let’s hope it continues.

Speaking of meds, have I ever expressed my loathing for drug commercials? There is a reason the cost of health care is so high–drug companies paying for freaking commercials. Not to mention the fact that the reps go to doctor offices and hospitals with big huge food spreads and a shit-ton of handouts (people in the medical field don’t buy pens, EVER).  I think that’ll be the first thing to go when I’m Queen of the World ™. It’ll be a nice, simple form of establishing my power without pissing off too many people (Hummers and SUV’s are second and third, respectively). And I’m including print ads in my plan of action. The general public do not need to be diagnosing themselves with all sorts of diseases and conditions because they are surrounded by, “if you’re sad, you need Zoloft!” “If your hands hurt, you have arthritis.” People in general are too dumb to be playing doctor for themselves (this is coming from a self-proclaimed hypochondriac).


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