Foodie Findings: Sweet Ginger Thai Cuisine

A friend and I came here the other night because she was super broke and Bloc 11 was closing. Apparently she’d only looked at the prices on the lunch menu outside because the menus reflected prices much higher than we’d originally thought. When we got up to leave (yes, she was THAT broke), the manager allowed us to order from the lunch menu!! I thought it was because business was bad–we were the only people there–but they weren’t hurting for customers; a steady stream of people were coming in  for take-out, and shortly after we ordered, 3 more parties came in for table service.

I don’t know about the dishes others have spoken about, but the Sweet & Sour stir-fry was not worth even the lunch price. The sauce was WAY too sweet, and drowned the rest of the plate. The beef was way overdone, even for a small place. Before the other parties came in, the servers were almost over-attentive, all three of them hovering over us as we looked at the menus.

Honestly, I’m super happy we were able to purchase off the lunch menu because the dinner prices weren’t worth it at all. Again, maybe I just got a bad dish, or maybe I’m used to better quality Thai places, but I’d have given Sweet Ginger 2 stars if they weren’t so accommodating.


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