Like Grains in an Hourglass…

I spent the weekend relaxing with userinfowtbrosie and playing her new Wii. I’ve played before, but knowing that this is, in a way, MINE is even more satisfying. Although my poor lazy muscles are sore from the unfamiliar amount of activity. Despite the pain I’m currently feeling, Wii is the bed video game system to date! I am so utterly happy with it I really don’t care that I suck. I cannot wait till we get our own place and can have people over to play!

I’m frustrated at the lack of movement in the roommate department. I was really kinda hoping to be moving to userinfowtbrosie‘s house this weekend, but it looks like that won’t be happening until May 1 at the earliest since we couldn’t find anyone for April 1. I’d love to get someone for April 15, but that may be cutting it a little tight too. If ANYONE knows someone looking to live in the Somerville/Cambridge line, give them my contact info.


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