Trying to End on a Good Note

Next year I won’t be working with my troop, but will be working at the Service Unit (group of troops in a town/city/area) level. Even though I have 3 months left to this year, I’m kind of burnt out. I love the Girl Scouts, but my troop is frustrating, even though I like the girls themselves. for the most part, the girls don’t care to do anything, and when we ask what they DO want to do, or present options, we’re met with indifference and negativity. Yet they tell their moms and aunts that they are bored and aren’t doing anything in meetings. WE have no money or transportation to go anywhere, so outings are tough. One of my Co’s is lazy, and the other totally jaded, which makes planning that much more difficult. But I have a few ideas for the next few meetings, so we’ll see how they go.

I’m going to enjoy working with the service unit since it’ll be a nice change, and a means of getting to know how Council and programming works. It’ll also be a means of bringing more programming to the city since it’s so under served at this time. In a couple years, after grad school and I get settled at least semi-permanently, I’ll pick up leading a troop again, maybe starting from scratch with Daisies or Brownies.


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