If It Ain’t Broke…Oh Wait, It Is

So last night as I was walking downstairs, my slippers and the carpet had a small disagreement and I fell down the last few steps, landing square on my ass. I have rarely experienced such pain as I have been feeling since then. I’m really hoping it’s just a bruised tailbone, but I’m going to keep tabs on it and will go to the doctor if I don’t think it’s getting any better. *sigh* only me…



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3 responses to “If It Ain’t Broke…Oh Wait, It Is

  1. lizzielizzie

    Oh, ow. You poor thing, that sucks. Get one of those round donut pillows, it will help take the pressure off your tailbone when you are sitting.

    I had a friend injure her tailbone in a sledding accident, and it took quite a while to heal. Be gentle with yourself.

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