Ivy Wars

When userinfowtbrosie moved into her mom’s childhood home three years ago to go to school, it had been neglected almost completely for about 10 years. Unfortunately there are no pictures, but from userinfowtbrosie‘s description, the yard was pretty bad–no sun, ivy and fallen leaves covering every inch of ground, trees and bushes overgrown and tangled. She’s given it everything she has been able to, but things like school and work and illness have been a little more important 😀

This weekend, we took Sunday and Monday as do-nothing days, so spent some time working on the yard. Until this weekend, I never realized JUST how evil a creature ivy can be (if any locals want some ivy, let me know, I’ll be glad to give you some of ours!!). I have a whole new appreciation for what progress she has made–the entire front yard was nothing but ivy, and now it’s mostly grass (still low sunlight). She’s uncovered stepping stones she never knew went around the back of the house, and has opened up so much of the entire area to allow sunlight in. We worked on the side yard/driveway area, and it’s a daunting task to be honest; I’m a little overwhelmed, but it looks so amazing compared to what it was like. We still have some ivy to pull up and some brush to cut back, but I’m totally unused to yard work (or exercise for that matter) so had to bow out early. Plus, userinfowtbrosie was wary of cutting TOO much, so decided to give it a day or two to give it a fresh eye before breaking out the saw and cutters again.

If anyone knows anything about landscaping (the easy stuff like where/how to cut back trees and bushes), we’d like to run some questions by you!


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