The Waiting Game

Yesterday I told my boss about being accepted. Now, she knew I was applying since she wrote one of my recommendations, but I think she was under the impression that I was going to be part-time since her face fell when I told her  I would be going full-time.

I had not been looking forward to telling her, but it went better than I’d feared. As much as she’d always tried to push it aside, she knew I wasn’t going to be in Benefits forever, so she hid her disappointment well. I told her that I’d love to stay on in a part-time role, but know it’s not something that can be easily or quickly decided. I wrote up a proposal for a reduced schedule of 20-24 hours. This would give me a fairly good paycheck as well as allowing me to keep much better medical insurance than I’d be able to get at school. If she and our department VP decide it’s not in the best interest of the department, August 28 will be my last day since orientation is September 8.

I need to get my deposit and acceptance in the mail tomorrow so I can begin register for classes; I’ve already ordered the book for summer reading.


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  1. Twinkle

    Doors are closing, but others are opening up for you.

    I think you are traveling along the path that is exactly right for you.

    How absolutely wonderful. And scary. LOL