Living in Opulence

Despite tough economy, college presidents live in style – The Boston Globe.

Some schools’ public relations teams expressed concern that it wouldn’t look good to show off their presidents’ luxury quarters amid penny-pinching times. Those thoughts also crossed the mind of Wellesley president Kim Bottomly, but she ultimately concluded, “We have nothing to hide.’’

Last week, she opened her estate to a reporter and a photographer, even allowing a glimpse at her bedroom, which overlooks Lake Waban.

School Presidents don’t want the media seeing their paid-for homes in this time of their staff having their salaries slashed at best, being laid off at worst? No kidding… Good for the Wellesley President actually having the balls to show off the house and staff she’s provided with. With all the benefits and perks a university president gets (I work in HR at a university, I know what I’m talking about), you’d think they would have taken the same hits their staff have had to. Just a small percentage of their salary could have been kept someone on. Make them pay for their own staff or (shock and awe!!) get rid of some of that staff and there’s even more savings!

But what am I thinking? This world doesn’t care for the working (wo)man. This is why Brandeis costs $37,000 per year for just tuition…and a lot of schools are more.



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2 responses to “Living in Opulence

  1. 37 grand! Holy smoke! One year at the U is costing me less than seven grand, and it’s a major research institution. Some of these private schools need to rein it in.

  2. eternalhearts

    Why do you think I went to SSC?