Adventures in Laundry

Here’s the backstory: Yesterday, while doing the laundry that had piled up during the move, I made the following Tweet, “I had no idea laundry could be such a process” I was posting this  on Facebook in reply to a comment on it, but I think it’ll be too long.

I got there with a ton of quarters, but they don’t TAKE quarters, you have to use a card. So I had to beg the other patrons to change quarters into a dollar so I could buy the card (I only had 10’s on me). Thank the gods someone was able to do so, I’d already put the laundry and detergent into the machine. I also had to figure out how to work the card–put it in, THEN select the cycle. The dryers required me to do that for every block of 8 minutes I wanted…

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