I’m Not Going to Work Tomorrow

Today was my last day…wow. The office had a cake and a small gift, which was really nice of them, but I hate being the center of attention so it was uncomfortable. Then my boss took my co-worker and I out to Firefly’s for dinner, where she gave me another card with money in it (she’s not great at buying gifts…). I’m definitely nervous about a ton of things–where am I going to get money to pay my bills? how difficult will my classes be? can I actually hack grad school? But overall, I’m okay.

The weirdest thing is going to be the fact that I no longer have to get up early and go to work anymore. Now all I have to concern myself with is school and Girl Scouts. It’s pretty freeing to be honest.


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  1. Right on, let me know what your new schedule will be like because we have to compare school notes over the phone. I have all second-shift classes but a couple of days a week I have big gaps, so I can try calling you then. Anyway, I hear you regarding the money, it’s scary to not have any income, not even unemployment, but there is some freedom in being able to put a lot of mental energy into learning and enriching oneself, rather than being another cog in the rat race. Good luck and we’ll talk soon!