{GS} Off to a Good Start

The Girl Scout year has gotten off to a great start–even better than I’d planned. Over the summer Melissa and I got together with a couple of the Council staff members to create a Task Force for the Boston, Cambridge, Somerville area. Basically, these areas have very few resources and volunteers, so typically can’t work as individual Service Units. We realized over the summer that, without active Service Units, the girls aren’t getting all of the benefits of being Girl Scouts. By bringing together all of these under-served areas, we can have a ‘mega unit’ that will function like an SU for the time being. I’m really looking forward to seeing how this all pans out; we’ve had 2 meetings already and have some really big ideas, like an Adult Court of Awards (we deserve awards just as much as the girls do!!) and an encampment for the girls in February.

I’ve also been accepted to be a Council Facilitator (trainer). My training doesn’t start until February, but I’m excited to be able to offer more required trainings in the city since we get so few; I’m hoping to be able to provide some of the more obscure trainings that REALLY never get offered here.

Finally, I have a job! One of the Council staff members I’ve been working with suggested I apply for a part-time job as a Membership Aide. Basically, it’s what I’m already doing, only I’ll be getting paid for it.


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  1. Congratulations, and it sounds like doing so much work with the Scouts will be a great resume-builder to supplement your second education.