{GS} Escaped and Returned to Tell the Tale

This past weekend I went to the Great Escape, a weekend-long event put on by Girl Scouts of Eastern MA for leaders all over Council to get together to camp, socialize and attend workshop. I’m a little bit on GS overload right now, and kinda wish my job was starting now so I could get some of it out of my system. It was awesome getting to know other leaders and do some networking–I should create some simple little cards to make it easier to exchange info. I also learned that I know a lot more about Girl Scouts than I thought I did, and possibly more than some of the ‘trainers’ out there–I should present a workshop on GS History next year.

I also learned that I NEED to invest in some rain boots or something since I no longer commute via car. I also need to go through Billy’s camping gear and find his headlamps and see what else he has that I can commandeer–userinfowtbrosie and I have a good start, but not NEARLY enough.


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