Cruising…Or Not

A couple weeks ago, <a href=’’><img src=’; alt=’userinfo’ width=’17’ height=’17’ style=’vertical-align:bottom;border:0;’></a><a href=’’><b>wtbrosie</b></a>’s car wouldn’t start. AAA came out and couldn’t help at all, so they towed it to a garage. Now, she knew the car was on it’s last legs and needed work, so this was really mainly an excuse to actually bring it to be looked at.  As I’m sure you can all guess, the car has seen it’s last day. The guy called with the diagnosis and offered to hold it until she was able to clean it out and decide if she wanted to junk it or try to get a trade.

When she picked it up yesterday he told her he could have ‘fixed’ the car for her, but he told her it wouldn’t have really made a difference. Then made a suggestion of a dealership, gave advice about the cars she’s been contemplating and also offered to look at whatever car she was thinking to buy. From the interactions she’s had with him, he’s going to be our guy for as long as we’re in the area.


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