This and That and Those

GODS I am so bad about blogging lately. I’ve had no time whatsoever these last few weeks with school, work, going to New Jersey last weekend, and 2 conferences this week.

I’m enjoying work, although my direct supervisor could be called scatter-brained. But, she’s never around, so I get quite a bit of down-time when I’m in the office. I really haven’t done too much yet, at least in my mind. But, it’s still a new position and I’m still getting used to everything, so it’s also slow-going.

School is kind of overwhelming. Readings and papers and projects are just piling up. I’m trying to decide if I want to go to the ACPA (American College Personnel Association) convention that’s going to be in Boston this March. I went to the local conference Friday, and felt kind of out of place, but it was a good learning experience, and I know it’s good to get involved with professional orgs. I just don’t know if going to these thing will ever truly be advantageous to me because I’m so bad at networking and getting to know people. Hell, even at the Girl Scout learning conference I went to yesterday, although Girl Scouts is a comfort zone for me, and I know what I’m talking about and actually involved (unlike with higher ed), I feel awkward and like I don’t really belong. It’s a huge dilemma to be honest.


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