Not Gonna Cheat

I’m tempted to back-date this entry to yesterday so I can actually, you know, post every day this month…but even 29 out of 30 days will be a HUGE milestone for me so I’m just going to play along.

Today, userinfowtbrosie and I went to NH to meet up with my cousin. It’s been…Gods, almost 2 years since I saw him, and that was in a less than ideal situation. It was cool hanging out and getting to know him better–although we’re cousins, our family is less than communicative, and we’ve learned well from them.

I’m supposed to be doing research for a paper due next Monday, so I guess I should get on that, huh?


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  1. I usually peter out sometime at the end of the month when things get crazy – good luck with NaBloPoMo xoxoxox