Here and Now

Yet another skipped day of NaBloPoMo. So school and work have sucked up my life–I’m kind of looking forward to next semester, since I’ve heard a rumor that we’re in class 4 days instead of three. Sounds like it may suck, but I can spread my work hours out over more days and actually have more ability to create balance in the Force. I’m also praying for an assistantship–anyone have suggestions on which Theoi to supplicate in particular?

I’m surprisingly becoming more spiritual lately. Maybe some of it has to do with the fact that in my Counseling Theory class we’ve been discussing theories that are a little more spiritual in nature. Or maybe it’s that the student development theory I’ve decided to write a research paper on for Monday is faith-based (maybe I chose that theory becasue I’m being drawn in a more spiritual direction?). I have one shrine I actively worship at, another that I see every day when I leave or come home (I need to figure out a way of incorporating the ‘Guardians’ –what I am collectively calling the Deities that guard the boundaries of the home) into my daily worship), and am in the process of creating a shrine to Asklepios and Hygeia (Gods of Medicine and Health) with help from userinfowtbrosie. Not really sure where it’s coming from, but I think I like it.



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