Life Goes On

So I suck at blogging every day…but I’m still blogging a lot more than I usually do! This past weekend I was writing a research paper for my Student Development class, and have another (thankfully much smaller!!) paper due in my Financial Affairs class on Thursday. Luckily for me, I have tomorrow totally off, which is not unusual, but I ALSO have Wednesday off from class, so will be home and working on the paper as of about 2pm. Yes, I’ll do some work on it tomorrow…but I’m making mac and cheese (my first time making it not from a box!) and hanging with D tomorrow night, so can only get so much done. I’m just really stressed out and overtired…

I also want to spend some time tomorrow cleaning since we’re having people over this weekend and I don’t want us running around all stressed out on Saturday morning.


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  1. Blogging loses it’s charm when you have to do it everyday, huh? Don’t particularly like the pressure.