A Rare Opening Up

Saturday, we’re hosting an apartment warming party. Now, I don’t have nearly as many friends as userinfowtbrosie and Steph, but I do have a good number, and I do consider all of them actual friends.

But I’m starting to question that of late. One group of friends has never once traveled to see me, despite me making plans to see them regularly–granted, I was already in the neighborhood at therapy, but I still had an hour ride home ahead of me and work in the morning. Every time I’ve had any kind of gathering, I invite them, but not one even responds. I’m hurt to be honest, especially because they don’t invite me to events anymore either.  But they still see my mom in PetCo all the time, and ask her to send their love, so it’s not like they don’t want to be friends with me anymore…(no, my mom wouldn’t know who they are, even after them talking to her fairly regularly:P)

I’m not sure what to do…I guess I should bring it up to them, but I HATE confrontation (with friends and family anyway). I could just let them fade out, but I kinda don’t want to. I don’t know…


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  1. lizzielizzie

    I think it is OK to say, “Hey, haven’t seen much of you lately, is everything OK?”

    I find that, with my odd and busy schedule, it really is easier if people come to me than for me to go to them. It’s a bit selfish of me, I know. I’m trying to do this less.