To Vista or Not to Vista?

When I bought my computer a couple years ago, I was required to get it with Vista, otherwise Dell was going to charge me an additional $60 to get XP. Everyone knows that Vista sucks, even Microsoft, so they just came out with Windows 7.

I cannot afford a new computer, and I’m really not a fan of Macs, so I need to decide if I want to upgrade or not. Through school I can get a discount on Professional or Ultimate. Both of these would require a clean install, which I CANNOT do on my own–I know I’d f*** it up.

So, techie buddies, what say ye? Do I do it or wait and live with Vista longer? Or, do I buy the Personal edition (I can still get a discount, just not sure what it would be) and upgrade my laptop, userinfowtbrosie‘s laptop, and our desktop?


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