Thanksgiving Redux

I would have posted sooner, but I’ve had so much work due this week (and next, but I haven’t started thinking about that yet). userinfowtbrosie and I hosted Thanksgiving dinner for my family and her friend. I think it went pretty well, although we STILL have leftovers. If we do this again next year, I’ll make sure to start cooking the turkey sooner, and will have people show up a little later–I was pretty anxious about trying to ensure my parents and uncle were entertained, even though I know that I really don’t need to worry, it’s not like they would have been doing anything different at home.

Friday, userinfowtbrosie was lucky enough to get out of work super early, so we were on the road to New Jersey by 6pm–her brother and future sister-in-law (whom we were staying with) weren’t even in bed yet!! Saturday morning was the drive to Baltimore for dinner with her other brother and the family; I was super happy they had roast beef instead of turkey! That evening we made the ride back up to Jersey to stay with her sister, who didn’t go to dinner, and to cut a few hours off the ride home Sunday. Sunday was seeing the kids and then into the car to try and get home at a reasonable time–8 hours later, we were finally home, even before I would have been home from class!

I will say I’m happy we have the bigger car, and I’m taking ginger pills before I travel; they make the trip a lot more comfortable.


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