In Hopes that St. Nick Soon Will Be Here

Christmas is in just two days, and I don’t feel like I’m set for it. I know that everyone will enjoy their gifts, but I still feel like I didn’t do a great job with the shopping. Tomorrow is going to be dedicated to wrapping till my fingers bleed. Friday is going to be a HUGE day of more wrapping, visiting my folks, then Jersey for the weekend. As much as I love userinfowtbrosie‘s family, I’m happy this will probably be the last drive for a little while–three trips in a month is a lot.

I love the holidays, but I will be happy when they’re over. I think having SUCH a stressful period of time with finals and the end of semester right at the beginning of the holiday season is not conducive to the way I work mentally. I’m sure that being off meds for the first time in…6-ish years is part of the situation too. I’m not saying I’m having real problems this year, but it’s definitely more difficult than in previous years.


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