Well, it’s been way too long since my last post, and I really have no interest in doing a redux post, so I’m not going to. I do plan to post about Christmas and New Year separately however.

Christmas 2009

Christmas was great!! Ellie and I had a 4-part holiday this year because she was required to work. So we opened stockings in the AM, then gifts when she came home. Afterward we hit the road: first my dad’s house for dinner and presents with my folks, then NJ for her annual reunion party and Christmas with her family. Although we were EXHAUSTED when we finally made it back to MA, we had a lot of fun and came bar with a car full of gifts, which are now still mostly spread all over the spare room, although most of the kitchen supplies are put away, as well as the stuff my mom gave us to make over the bathroom (just need to paint and hang shelves, and buy liquid soap for the soap dispenser). BUT, Christmas still isn’t over…I’m getting together with Jere and Em tomorrow for our 2nd annual hot tubbing extravaganza, and we still have to make plans to make the trip to MD for Christmas with her other brother–there was just no way we could physically, mentally or time-wise make the trip then since it was our 3rd trip in 6 weeks. Hopefully we’ll be able to coordinate schedules in the next few weeks to make the trip–but I’m totally leaving THAT up to her 😛


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