A Warm Start

New Year 2009

No one can deny that New Year’s Eve in Boston was pretty damn cold. But, it didn’t stop Ellie and I from going in for the First Night celebration. She’d bought our buttons a few days before Christmas, and there was no way we were going to let them go to waste. It wasn’t terribly cold either–I’ve heard horror stories from some people. We did however not do the night in exactly the right order; we started at the Common to see the ice sculptures, then walked to the Hynes to see what was going on there and the beginning of the Grand Procession, then BACK past the Common to the Waterfront to get our FREE (well, we did pay for the buttons you needed to get the ticket) harbor cruise tickets. We’ll probably switch the Hynes and Common if we ever do this again–make better use of our time and take more advantage of the offerings.

Yesterday was another chapter of Christmas and continuation of the New Year revelry. Jere, Em and I went out to North Hampton for the 2nd annual Hot Tubbing Extravaganza. It was an absolute blast, and was definitely worth the crappy driving conditions (only for me of course!!) and the fact that I had to suck up my pride and let them pay for me. I also have to thank them for allowing me to put the money I WAS going to spend on Northeastern Gear (when my reimbursement comes in in a few weeks) onto more waterproof gear for my commuting, so that was a double-blessing. Yes, there WERE shenanigans, and we’re pretty sure our server for dinner wanted us dead, but that’s all really par for the course when we get together. Next year, massages will be back!!


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