On Friends and Aquaintances

I spent quite a bit of time alone, behind the wheel the other day and got to thinking about Facebook, and the people that I have listed on there; all so-called friends. Some of them truly are friends–I see them, or at least interact with those that are far away, fairly often. Then there are the people I know from the various online communities I’m a part of–avatar fora, the Hellenic community, etc. Then, there are the handful of people I know either through school or other friends that I don’t really KNOW. Some of them I’ve tried to get to know better, but it’s weird without the in-between (which has been lost to the ages in most cases).

I’m pretty sure this thought had a point, but I’ll be damned if I can remember it now. It’s odd how friendships work–some people stick around, some come and go, some never really get started. I think a part of me has been exploring what friendship means to me, and which of my friends truly are.



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2 responses to “On Friends and Aquaintances

  1. Amy

    I know I am one of those friends who comes and goes. I’ve always been that way. To add to your thoughts on friendship, the vast majority of my friends seem to be okay with this and we generally just pickup where we left off as if we had only just hung out the day before.

    In other news, Australia is amazing and super warm. I hope you are doing well in grad school and with Girl Scouts.

    Question: If chocolate chip cookies are made with chocolate chips, what are girl scout cookies made with? Other than crack. Darn addictive cookies.

  2. eternalhearts

    You are one, but unlike with some of the people I had in mind when I was writing this, it never seems awkward when we have hung out. However, I do count you amongst those friends that I’d like to get to know better–which I intend to do when you come back to the States.

    So glad Australia is working out for you!! School and Scouts are doing pretty well–stressful and keeping me way busier than I’d like, but still…

    Gilr Scout cookies are only made out of crack…and cocaine…and sugar, lots and lots of sugar.