Not Going to Waste My Passport Afterall

Thursday, I received an email from Clemson University–I’ve been on their email list for a few months now because I inquired about a study trip to England for this summer. A while back, I was questioning whether I should go abroad or try for an internship. I decided on the internship because money is a HUGE stressor in my life, and I wanted to earn money instead of spend it. Round 1 of the internship selection process ended without me even getting an interview. Now, Round 2 starts in a week or so, and a LOT of the decisions are made then, but I really wanted to stay local, was kind of disappointed about not being able to go abroad, and wanted to be able to enjoy my summer.

The email stated that there were still openings, and we had until Monday to get everything in. All of a sudden, I KNEW that England is what I wanted to do…so I talked to Ellie about it, and she told me that I shouldn’t give up this opportunity because I really wanted it. To be safe, I emailed the woman at Clemson to ensure it would be okay if the app arrived a little late–I wouldn’t be able to put it in the mail before Saturday. Well, she wrote back and told me she’d HOLD a spot because I had emailed about wanting to go!!!!! The application and deposit went in the mail this afternoon. I am so excited and nervous.



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2 responses to “Not Going to Waste My Passport Afterall

  1. Beth

    Does this mean you’re going for real, or are you just waiting to be officially accepted? I mean, do we get to play the Top Gun Anthem for you yet?