Writer’s Block: Brush with Stardom

LiveJournal posts daily writing prompts, and this one was actually interesting enough to reply to.

I’m sure I’ve blogged about this before, but a few years ago when I was working part-time at Yankee Candle in the Natick Mall for the holiday season. It was late, so only my manager and I were there when a guy came in alone. Not unusual at this time of year, but he was wearing a baseball hat pulled down low and had the collar of his jacket turned up. I was watching out of the corner of my eye in case he needed any help, but a woman came to the register to check out. As I was helping her, I realized that it wasn’t just some guy buying his wife candles for Christmas. It was Curt Schilling!! Yes, THAT Curt Schilling, the one that lead the Red Sox to the World Series. Unfortunately, the woman checking out had a ton of crap that all needed to be wrapped individually, so my manager had to help him. I did get to pack up his purchases though–which were some of the biggest and ugliest sets we sold that year–big old metal sleighs with a few jars and votives. I hope whomever he gave hem to slapped him for buying something so stupid.

I didn’t say anything about recognizing him–he was obviously trying to avoid that, and I’m shy as hell.


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