Almost Done, That’s What’s Keeping Me Going

Just under one month from now, I will be done with my first year of Graduate School. Unfortunately for me, I do not get a summer break because I have to take a class during the first summer session (May-June) in order to get financial aid for the England trip.

This month is chock-full of assignments that need to be finished. A brief list: 2 group projects, about 10 papers of varying length and learning outcomes for my practicum next year (done twice, because the Assessment prof wants them done differently than the program requires). Needless to say, I am stressed to the max. It didn’t help that the ACPA National Convention was in town last week, and we were required to attend. I’m happy I went, I went to some great sessions and was able to learn about some of the committees, but it ate up a LOT of time that could have been spent doing homework.

It really doesn’t help that it’s been raining since…December. What the F happened to Spring? For those of you that didn’t grow up here, we used to have this season called Spring. It was marked by sunnier, warmer days interspersed with some heavy rain, leading into a gorgeous between-time before the humidity of July and August set in. I don’t remember the last time we had Spring…it’s gone from Winter to Rain to HOT AS Fing HELL for the last several years. My biggest issue with the rain is the lack of sun. JUST as I’m getting into a good mood, the clouds come back and I’m once again walking to and from school in the rain, my ‘raincoat’ not even able to keep me totally dry, jeans soaked through, and that general ‘damp’ feeling looming over me. Why yes, I DO actually prefer snow to rain 90% of the time.

Needless to say, I’m not in the best mindset right now, and am have every intention of doing nothing but playing with friends and Ellie for the 2 weeks before class starts again. But, it’ll only be 2 days a week, and the professor is pretty easy-going, so it won’t be too stressful.


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  1. Beth

    Right on, this week I have three exams (two of them tomorrow), a paper, and one other smaller assignment. The week has started with my car keys going AWOL, so we now have three grounded cars outside of the house and no way to get around except bus and little red wagon (which we don’t even have, we’ll have to buy one to haul groceries). I’ll be taking at least one class this summer, two if I’m “lucky” (they’re math and chemistry classes), and working full-time. I hear ya, girlfriend! Good luck with all of the madness and I’ll catch you when we’re living a bit more sanely!