___ State University?

Six state colleges are trying to be granted university status- The Boston Globe.

Now, this is something that’s been talked about for YEARS. The above link goes to an editorial from the Boston Globe, and I have to admit that I agree with the author–I support the change as long as it remains in name only. The missions of the State Colleges are on teaching over research, and being an affordable alternative to the multitude of private schools in MA without sacrificing the quality of education.

At NU, I see the potential detriment to students and teach when  school focus goes from teaching to research, and I feel that, if students are interested in that kind of environment, they have enough selection; do NOT add the State Colleges to that number.

I can see myself eventually going back to this system (whether they become Universities or remain Colleges) in the future–they are my roots, and I will probably slip into their system comfortably. But, I am happy to be currently attending a private research university, and having a practicum at a private technical school where I can get new perspectives and experiences.


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  1. Beth

    Right on, too many state schools doing research and not enough good teaching would be detrimental. Lately I’ve been really understanding that difference as I tough out big lectures and professors without time to commit to office hours, so I hope those schools keep their teaching focus for the students’ sake.