Situation Normal

This is my Fluffy!! She came home April 27 (although this picture was taken a couple of weeks beforehand). I have to say that a hedgehog is one of the strangest pets ever–there is still little knowledge about them outside of the hedgie community, and they are not the easiest of pets to raise either.

I mean, think about it–they are SPIKY, huff and “pop” (jumping to make themselves appear bigger) when scared. They need to eat bugs and high-protein food (and are temperamental about other treats, so I have no idea from day to day what she will want to eat for a snack). Unlike dogs and cats, she will probably never be my “friend,” but unlike rodents, she does kind of tolerate me wanting to play with her. She’s basically nocturnal, so I never get to see her play or anything like that. Oh, and did I forget to mention the fact that she’ll probably never stop pooing on me.

But, she’s absolutely adorable (seriously, look at that picture!) and really sweet and funny. I read on the forums and in books that she should become more friendly and less poopy, so I’m hoping they are right.


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