My Flight is Booked, I’m Not Ready to Go

So, last Thursday, my flights to and from England were booked. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this or not, but I’m traveling with another woman who is enrolled in the Suffolk program. We’ve met and hung out several times, and the four of us (her and her girlfriend, I and Ellie) get along really well. I’m hoping she’s as good to travel with 😀

Yes, I’m nervous–I’m nervous as hell because I’ve never traveled alone before (yes, I know N and get along with her, but it’s still not the same as traveling with my girlfriend, or good friends, or family). And my phone doesn’t work internationally, so I either need to spend about $70 to get a phone that works for those two weeks, or just grab a phone card and call home a few times. It’s going to be so difficult not having Ellie there with me or being in touch with her all of the time…I think that’s where most of my anxiety is coming from. Honestly, if I hadn’t met N, I would have told Ellie that I didn’t care about the expense.  Is it necessarily healthy to be this paranoid and anxious? Probably not, but  once I’m there things will settle down, it always does.

Online chat is scheduled for next Thursday night, so I really should start writing down the questions that pop up so I have them. I also need to do a test pack to see if the suitcase I have is big enough or too big–I’d really like to pack light, but we need to wear business casual and I want to make sure I have enough clothes “just in case” since we likely won’t have access to laundry for two weeks.


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