Arrival in Cambridge (Backdated)

Punts on the River Cam - Click to see all my England pics

I am SO happy we came in a day early—it’s almost 9:30pm and I’m no more tired than I typically am at this hour back home. Not having a phone is tough because I want to tell Ellie all about what I’m seeing and doing (who am I kidding, I want to Facebook about it too!), but it’s actually going to be a good experience going back to “the way things used to be.”

Cambridge is very nice and reminds me and Nadia a lot of “our” version, which makes complete sense when you stop to think of it (hehe, I was actually saying think on it in my head—I’ve already been here too long 🙂 ). The colleges are amazing & part of me longs for a campus like them, where students are there for the whole experience rather than just the educational aspects. It re-confirms me desire to want to work at a campus-based institution rather than at an SSC where everyone either commutes or goes home every weekend.

I feel terrible that I haven’t called Mom yet—I will have to get a phone card and call her tomorrow during our free time because she is probably going nuts about having only heard from me through Dad and Ellie.

I am also regretting that I only brought my messenger bag instead of a backpack; my shoulders are already killing me and it’s only day 1, plus I don’t have NEARLY enough room in it…


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