University of Cambridge (Backdated)

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Today was the first “official” day of the trip—my feet are killing me and I really wish I’d bought shoe inserts.

Cambridge is a fascinating school and I think Boston higher ed might learn a lot from it—with so many schools, all with limited resources and available space, could share departments like Career Services and Health Services (especially with all the teaching hospitals!). I do feel that areas such as Student Activities, Academic Advising and Housing should remain the domain of the individual schools though—they will know their students’ various needs and wants better. I wish I had spoken more with Liz about the Student Unions because that is where I’ll find most of the information for my paper—I also think I’ll find very little research of literature and will have to utilize the school websites for most of the England info for my paper.

Unless of course I change my topic to Counseling Services. Since my program has a strong counseling component, and I have a strong interest in all things mental health, research on this might be very beneficial to my career. I cannot imagine Cambridge is the only one of these schools with a strong mental health center and website. I really have to look at the school sites more to finalize my topic and to see what/if literature is out there. I should have looked at the sites deeper to see what unthought-of information would give me inspiration.

I also kind of feel like a tool for only bringing pens as my campus gift. I had so much time to think and talk to others that I could have gotten some free stuff, but it never crossed my mind until everyone had left for NODA. And by then I was too broke, and remember seeing pens as one of the options, so I took it. Ah well, it’s too late now.


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