University of Kingston (Backdated)

No picture since we stopped in on our way from London to Bath. If you want to see my England pictures, click here.

This is another school that was similar to what I am familiar with when discussing an institute of higher education. Jayne was very pleasant and her résumé (CV in England) is rather impressive! Nadia and I were discussing after the visit that her career path so far shows her to be someone that goes in, cleans things up and moves onto the next project; she’s good at making “the machine” work smoothly but doesn’t seem to be the type that wants to hang around because she’d rather be actively making changes rather than maintaining the status quo. Although, it’s entirely possible she just hasn’t found the right fit for the long haul.

The staff she pulled together was impressive considering how new she was (or could be due to that newness, they don’t want to say “no” to the boss!), although it made for a very long day. And, a lot of the information was repetition of what we had already heard (I point back to previous comments about Career Services). I could tell we had lost a lot of interest, although it being the day after our London weekend could have had something to do with that as well. I wonder if there could be some means of making the 2nd Monday more similar to the 2st, with a low-key activity (like the tour of Bath) on that day to help with recovery. Although I know that could create a logistical nightmare as far as getting in school visits is concerned.

I have to admit that, although I got some good information about the SU, the staff member (not the SU President) was…abrasive. Not only was he obnoxious when he began speaking with us, but he was rather rude to Jayne as well. We all discussed this at length after the visit, so I know I’m not just imagining it. I was happy to have the opportunity to sit with TJ, the SU President, on the shuttle back to the main campus; we had a good conversation about what lead him to serving, especially a 2nd term. I look forward to being in contact with him about the SU and his role. I also look forward to looking into the National Union of Students, which is the overseeing organization for SU’s at individual schools. I had not heard about this organization before, and hope it will be beneficial to my paper.


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