University of Bath (Backdated)

Solis Minerva at the Roman Baths - Click to see more pics

It seems as though schools in the UK have not received the memo about not reading directly off of PowerPoint slides. We ran over at the last 2 schools, yet each presenter spoke about every line on almost every slide (Sabbatical Officers being the exception). I felt that, rather than say, “We have 1 full-time (FT) X, and 1 FT Y, and 3 part-time (PT) Z’s,” it would have been more time-conscious and kept our attention better to have said, “as you can see, we have a staff of X, made up of FT and PT people.” Then, should the presenter have felt the need to talk about the positions, fine, but I know that very few of us were paying attention for most of the presentation, especially after lunch. I feel like, because the presenters here (Kingston was better about time) took so much time, we were severely short-changed.

Barring that issue, Bath was great, and I am super happy we were finally given a campus tour, especially of a campus that’s so nice! I spoke with Mark during lunch, and saw that, like Andrew at Sheffield, he has a vision of student affairs as a philosophy of practice and career rather than as just a job. I attribute this to their affiliation with NASPA and AMOSSHE, and would have liked to know what, if any, affiliation there was at Kingston. I also wish we had been provided information about AMOSSHE, either by a school or as part of our pre-course reading. I think it would have been nice to know that, although small and on the newer side (as far as I can tell from the website), there was an organization within the UK that promoted student affairs (no matter how different that may be).

After the school visit, we went on the tour that would never end–it was supposed to be 2 hours, including 45 minutes in the Roman Baths. I feel bad for the tour guide because some of us went over, but she then took another hour and a half on top of the hour we were supposed to be with her. I was really happy that it included some of the locations important to Jane Austen’s life and novels though

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