A Finished Project

Please pardon the x-posting.

Today is the official launch of Eternal Inspirations, a small virtual shrine I created to the Muses (I will probably add a page to Apollon as well). I will be uploading all of my writing here as well. It’s VERY rudimentary, but I am hoping to add to it over time. PLEASE leave ideas to improve it here, and PLEASE leave your own prayers/thanks to the Muses in the guestbook.

Also, I have a page with links to other virtual shrines, so let me know if you maintain one or know of one that needs to be included.



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3 responses to “A Finished Project

  1. You beat me to it. I have been collecting some images of the Musai for a while in the hopes of launching an online shrine with the ultimate intention of a real world Polytheist temple to them at a suitable time in distant future.
    Be wary of strict categorization of their “governance”, this is en emphasis that is more modern….astronomy/astrology and some aspects of philosophical cosmology for Ourania, not just a modern idea of “astronomy”.
    I am a professional Fine artist designer and have a small shrine to them within walking distance of my studio. I think artists of every media, who also happen to be Polytheists should have an affinity group/online forum where they share instruction in devotion/ritual to the Holy Musai as a specific topic and of of course post related work. But I think the focus should be religious first, self promotion second.
    Badly needed by all. Great job so far,
    yours in the Gods,

    • eternalhearts

      The Muses deserve many shrines to them–please let me know once you have created yours!

      I had no intention of strictly categorizing any of Them, nor did I create the Shrine as a means of self-promotion–THEY are the reasons I was able to create what I did, and those items I do post on the site are true acts of devotion and offerings.

  2. I didnt intend to convey that your creative offerings were merely self promotion…But it seems that that it has been a potential pitfall in the past with other proposed online gatherings of creative types in the name of the Muses. I know you dont, but many others perceive the concept of the Musa is merely a literary or figure devoid of any real spiritual existence. It seems that since artists of any stripe are a small percentage of any population,including that within the Polytheist communities, then it stands to reason that there would be less emphasis on their direct worship outside of simply ‘getting on with ones work’.

    Am I too busy to create/administrate a general purpose Muse temple? Probably. I suppose I can leave that to others, Although I do feel the Muses Role (and Aphrodite,Hephaistos’)in the Visual Arts has been curiously under-emphasized in general, nowadays…not so much in earlier decades. Since that (visual) is my specialty, I suppose it is best to focus on that.
    May they always be easily within reach of you,