Where is the Humanity?

This past Sunday, a woman I grew up with, and had re-connected with a few weeks ago, killed herself by injesting cyanide she had taken from the lab she worked at. She lived up the street from where I grew up, and some years we took teh same buss to school. We were in most of the same classes, and had even begun to become friendly in the 8th grade–if I’d stayed in my town’s public school, I could have actually considered her a friend.

Yet, because of teh way she took her life, she is plastered all over the news, and all the media can discuss is the fact that she stole cyanide from her lab (and of course she worked at the same university I attend, so I’m getting updates through my school email as well as the media) and how “very, very dangerous” all of this is and “OMG, TERRORISTS could get cyanide too!!” A couple of articles even discussed for a hot second the possibility that she was accidentally killed by the stash she was intending to sell.

I’m not saying that the university shoulnd’t review their lab policies; or even that teh state and local officials shouldn’t be investigating the policies in place at other schools and companies that have dngerous chemicals. I’m just wonderign where teh humanity is in all of this. Sure, a few of the articles have mentioend the good-bye post she made on Facebook, or that she was a figure skater and had just been accepted into a Master’s program, but that info takes up about 1 or 2 sentences compared to the 2-3 paragraphs devoted to the cyanide.

Maybe I’m asking too much because I knew her. But maybe I’m not.



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4 responses to “Where is the Humanity?

  1. Beth

    Right on, I’m with you on that. It bothers me that the news even said that the family’s house is being treated as a crime scene. Crime scene! None of them have done anything wrong, it’s too late to consider her a criminal (not that I would agree anyway), and they’re all going through enough without being the center of any scandal!

    • eternalhearts

      In reference to the crime scene thing–it technically is because of the circumstances…my dad’s house was also considered a crime scene when Billy died. It has nothing to do with the family or her, it’s only because she dies from “unnatural causes.”

      The fact that there was a hazardous substance involved is what makes it a scandal and source of news because of the danger involved to the rest of the community.

      • Beth

        Yeah, I was impressed by how lethal that stuff is according to what the police said. Thank goodness no one else was contaminated.

  2. Amy

    You are not asking too much. Too many people ask too little and we let the media get to be like this. It is disgusting how the media is treating her, her family, and the situation everyone is now in. If the situation sparked the idea that perhaps it is too easy to sneak chemicals out of university labs, RUN A SEPARATE ARTICLE. While connected, they are two completely different stories.

    I can’t tell you if the news has made it out of NE, we don’t have cable. But I hope it hasn’t.