Blog Neglection

Once again it’s been almost a month since my last post–apparently the start of the semester has taken over my life (which is surprising since I really have almost no work in either of my classes, and my two internships have been rather dead until just recently). I have been kind of putting a lot of time into my spiritual blog as well as the Hellenistai Media Project, which is a media review blog for all types of media (books, plays, movies, etc) that might be of interest to Hellenic Polytheists.

Other than that, it’s basically just been that I’m lazy…and I’m going to be going quiet again since Ellie’s brother is getting married this weekend and we’re leaving tomorrow for the weekend. Speaking of weddings, Ellie and I finally picked a date (and a back-up on the slightly off chance that our 2012 date will already be claimed when we finally pick a venue). If you want to read about the wedding planning and don’t already follow it, read my wedding blog!!


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