Why I Keep This Blog

Some people have abandoned their blogs and journals for Facebook. Sometimes I wonder why I still blog, but then I get writing and realize that this is just a better format for me getting my thoughts down. Facebook isn’t really the right forum for posting content more than about 100 characters (sure, there’s the Notes feature, but that sucks). And, I have this idea in the back of my mind that someday”soon” (like, 5 years) Facebook and most of the social networking sites are going to crash and burn in a blazing inferno. As much as I’ve enjoyed the idea of being able to reconnect with friends through it, how many people can say they really HAVE reconnected with people? I’ve genuinely done so with a handful, but that’s about it.

But I like blogging, and have been doing so since, oh, 2001 0r 2002 (I’ve gone through fits where I felt the need to erase my life so am lacking years worth of blogs) so it’s a hard habit to break. I think one of my other issues is that I like to blog too much, and have a presence too many places–I wish I was able to cross-post easier (there is an app through Facebook that cross-posts automatically, but if I want it on my LJ or DW, I have to post manually, which is a pain in the arse and I often forget to do so. Plus I have my wedding and spiritual blogs as well. And I don’t know what should be cross-posted where. Do any of you have suggestions or preferences?

*snicker* now that I’ve finished this post, I should probably make the next Spirituality meme post and I should also put something up on my wedding blog as well.


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  1. Lilly in the City

    I love how facebook makes it seem like you are there for your friends. I will admit that I have over 1000 friends on my list, all of whom I know in some shape or form (I hate adding random people that I do not know) but on a realistic note, the ones I talk to on facebook the most are the friends that I see on a almost daily basis anyway. Besides the picture galery and the ability to add funny status updates, I dont really prefer facebook over blogging.