Hello Soapbox, How Have You Been?

As much as I disagree with the BSA’s policy on homosexuals and think it should change, I do NOT agree with the way this man is going about changing the policy. In short, he is an openly gay male that enrolled his son in a troop and himself as a leader. Once it was discovered that he’s gay, he was asked to leave the troop and cease wearing his uniform.

My issue with all of this isn’t that he was kicked out of the BSA. My real issue is that this guy is exploiting his son to make a statement. Their stance on homosexuals is no secret. As a gay man, he obviously knew this, so why did he A) enroll his son in a troop and B) sign up as a leader if it wasn’t in order to be kicked out and raise a stink? There are plenty of youth groups that have non-discrimination policies.

The poor kid now has to live with a bigger stigma than he faced as the son of a homosexual. The act of being kicked out of the troop reinforces the idea that his father is somehow a bad person in the minds of both him and his friends. And now he is considering leaving the BSA, which has to be a disappointment both because of what’s been done to his father and also because he would be leaving something he enjoys.

There are better ways to fight an injustice than to involve your child.



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2 responses to “Hello Soapbox, How Have You Been?

  1. Ellie

    Like involving your animals, or little babies.. 😉

  2. Gavin

    I can not stand people that use their children as pawns in political issues.