Foodie Finsings: Basta Pasta

The Phantom Gourmet reviewed Basta Pasta this morning, and when an out-of-town friend came over unexpectedly, we had to make a fast dinner decision. And who can say no to Italian?

Although I’ve been driving past the restaurant since it opened, I still wasn’t expecting it to be SO small. Probably 15 tables plus the bar. Granted, the brick wood-fired oven took up a ton of space. We arrived a little early for the dinner crowd, and it’s a Sunday during football season, so I wasn’t expecting it to be full, but less than half the tables were taken by the time we left. It’s also in a poor location on a major road making it difficult to get in and out, and there is no good means of getting foot traffic either.

The menu isn’t extensive, which I appreciate–I hate having to decide from pages of delicious sounding food, so a 3-page menu (including Apps and Pizza) is perfect to me. The Phantom had said to try the bolognese, and he was right; my fiance ordered that with the homemade fusilli, which was totally worth the extra $2. My stuffed eggplant was wonderful, although they make the eggplant ahead of time, so I wasn’t able to get it without the roasted peppers. Our friends both raved about their chicken with gorgonzola, and both finished their plates, which I took as a good sign. The prices weren’t crazy-expensive, but were high enough that I tried to stick with less expensive items. Although, I’m sure that if I wasn’t a grad student, the prices wouldn’t have been quite so daunting.

Our server was sweet and kept our water glasses full–as soon as one person was done, she filled all of them; that earns an automatic half star in my book. The room was a little darker than I’d like, but I’m picky. I think their major downfall is going to be location and a small-ish parking lot. We’ll likely be going here again.


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