If I was Queen of Girl Scouts Part IV: Cookies

Nope, still not done with redesigning Girl Scouts to my liking. For those of you that are new to this series, I have already addressed Levels, Programming and the Highest Awards. But most people, when they hear the words “Girl Scouts,” think “cookies.” Now, I don’t agree with that image, and would love for it to be a secondary thought when people think about the organization, but cookies are still the major money-maker for troops and Councils, so I can’t ignore them.

The first thing I would do is get rid of the excessive number of “incentives” that are offered. Currently, girls get a ton of crap including multiple patches and a bunch of junk like jewelry and t-shirts that fir the theme; high sellers even earn PSP’s and MP3players. All of that is gone, and girls get one participation patch with a numerical rocker and “Cookie Credits” which are funds that can be applied towards things like camp, council events, the council store; this is something that many councils already offer, so it’s nothing new to implement. The girls deserve the money to use for girl scout-related things, not a bunch of crap.

I would require the cookies to be made the same and have the same names. People just get too confused and upset when they want to buy the cookies they had as a kid or in their last community–let’s keep the customers happy people!

As far as earned awards go, I’m not sure if I would keep the single Badge per level, the yearly GS Cookie Activity pins or both (you can see the current badge on the right sidebar of that page.. I think it’s a nice idea for girls to be able to learn/hone skills in relation to the sale, but am not sure if we need that many earned awards for the sale.

Girl Scouts don’t just sell cookies, they sell Nuts/Candy/Magazines/Calendars in the Fall. Since I’m talking about money earning, I might as well address this sale as well. What I’d love to do is actually research how well this sale goes and if it’s even worth it. The idea behind it–to provide troops with a quick and easy start-up fund–is great. But so many troops aren’t even formed until the sale is over that it kind of defeats the purpose since existing troops will likely already have funds from the previous year. So we’ll see.


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  1. I agree about the cookie incentives. My daughter is still a Daisy so not big into the selling of cookies. Also most of the parents are burned out because of the school fundraisers. Our troop was definitely not a top seller last year, but we made enough to fund our field trips and some extras for some of the girls who cannot afford uniforms and patches. For our troop fundraising in on the down low. We would rather focus on improving ourselves and our community.