What a Novel Idea

Something I have seen on the various blogs that I follow is an interest in what I call literary tattoos: book/movie/music quotes, illustrations, imagery, etc. This is something I am extremely interested in, yet I can’t think of any one book or movie that means so much to me that I would want a representation put on my body permanently. Heck, sometimes I even wish I could make changes to the tattoos I currently have, and I thought about most of them long and hard before deciding on a particular image (my first tattoo was thought out, but the image was more impulsive, being chosen when I arrived at the shop).

I was once asked what my passions were. I wasn’t able to answer that question then, and I’m not sure I can do so now. I love books and reading, but no one book or series has stood out so much that I can remember passages. I enjoy and love many things, but I can’t really say I’m passionate about anything in particular. Maybe THAT’s the novel idea I’m writing about here…trying to find my passion.


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