One Month into Winter and Everyone’s Had Enough

I’ve seen some people on Facebook bitching about other people bitching about the snow. Yes, we live in New England (or other areas of the country that get snow), but you know what?

Just one month into winter, major cities up and down the East Coast have already gotten clobbered with more snow than they usually get all season, a one-storm-after-another barrage that is eating up snow-removal budgets and forcing schools to close.

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Boston has probably not gotten more snow than usual, but we HAVE gotten a LOT of snow in a short amount of time, and there’s no end in sight. This is draining as hell to many people that have to shovel over and over, and commute in slush and ice.

Can you tell that I’m done with the snow too? I much prefer this to rain, but I’m over it.

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