Deperate Times Call for Girl Scouts?

I should probably not be thinking too heavily about this yet, but I am a little worried about the idea of graduating and needing to find a job in just a few short months–I don’t have my dad’s house to go back to after graduation, and can’t rely on Ellie to support me forever. Have I discussed this before? Yeah, well, if I have, skip the rest of this post. If not, still feel free to skip 😀

I’ve already applied for a couple of jobs. I have no hopes of getting them since I will not likely have graduated by the time they hire someone, but it’s always worth a shot, and these are positions that I REALLY want. I can’t not go for them. One in particular is MADE for me. But I’m not going to get my hopes up–if I can even get an interview I will be ecstatic.

This lack of a job reminds me of the fact that, as of a week ago, I have no more income. I can hope to get some kind of refund from the Federal Government, but I’m honestly not looking forward to one this year. I have thought about doing the unthinkable–going back to Girl Scout Day Camp as a Counselor for the summer. But I hesitate for more reasons than the obvious one that I have no desire to be outdoors all day all summer long in the humidity and rain. My actual biggest deterrent is the idea that I will get a ‘real’ job that will want me to start before the summer is over (highly likely in Student Affairs), thus making me put the camp into a crappy situation being one Counselor short. I know that ultimately my career is more important than summer camp, but it would still leave a guilty feeling.

So, faithful readers, should I try to get some kind of summer job (camp or something else), or just feel confident that I’ll be able to find a job before the money runs out?

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