Foodie Findings: Fuji 1546 (update)

I have reviewed Fuji 1546 on Yelp before, but we went last night and I needed to update.

Came back for a real meal last night and WOW!! the Salmon Wonton Chips  are to die for, and I am kind of obsessed with them. If the Fuji in Wollaston added them to the menu, I would probably go there every day for an order. We stuck with sushi for dinner, it was exactly the quality I have come to expect from this company: delicious, fast and filling. Their drink menu is still basically a variety of martini’s, but I did see a table-tent with other drinks on my table, so maybe I missed it last time because I was at the bar.

Our server was great–very quick to clear empty plates, and was very hands-off when, after we finished eating, we didn’t order dessert while finishing our scorpion bowl, which took a while.

As I mentioned in my first post, the prices are higher than I would like, which is a deterrent from going too often, even if parking was better. But I do have a huge complaint–the bathroom was COLD. Downright freezing. It was as if there was a direct line from the refrigerators to the ladies’ room because the vents (which are directly above the toilets) were blowing cold air–I was chilled to my core by the time I returned to my table. Maybe it was just a SNAFU, and I did note it on the comment card, so hopefully it will be fixed next time.


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