Are MA Mental Heath Workers Safe?

In the last couple of weeks, 2 community-based mental health workers in MA have been killed in the line of duty. For those that aren’t aware, this is the kind of work that Ellie does, and I have been aware of it’s danger since she started this work over 2 years ago.

Finally, after gods know how many people have been injured or killed (not just mental health workers–in 2009 a doctor in Boston was attacked by a chronically mentally ill client), the state is thinking about doing something about it. I guess it just amazes me that “safety procedures” aren’t already in place when the state and the unions all know the types of situations workers are going into.

The saddest part is, how many more people will be injured before this task force even gets off teh ground?


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  1. Ellie

    I think a lot of time safety procedures are in place, but then money is cut and having two people on at a time is now what the community sees as a “waste” and so then it’s down to one. :-/